Dear Saltery guest,

Normally I would never recommend travel insurance. Most trips are fairly cut and dry with minimal delays. However, any trip to Alaska, especially Kodiak, is not “most trips.” That is why buying travel insurance for your AK fishing trip adds invaluable peace of mind. 

Commercial delays into Kodiak city are common. Even getting into town doesn’t ensure a smooth transition to the lodge. Low level fog is present most days which can greatly limit our ability to fly. We have a great backup at Saltery with a 20-mile trail connecting us to the road system, but the same weather systems that prevents us from flying could also flood the rivers on the trail to Saltery Lake Lodge, making our backup plan impassible. 

By purchasing travel insurance you are not only protecting yourself from unseen events before you arrive in Alaska, you are preparing yourself for the realities of Alaskan weather. The most valuable feature of modern travel insurance is that you can receive compensation for each day of fishing that you miss due to weather delays. If this unforeseen circumstance arises, we can simply contact the insurance company and they will refund that percentage of the entire trip to you (each day is valued at $650/person). This has worked well in the past and we have found an insurance company that we recommend. When booking with Saltery Lake Lodge, we highly recommend travel insurance. It could make the reality pill of Alaska much easier to swallow.  

Your host,

-Dave Magoffin