September Silvers

Silver Week 1: September 2 - September 8

Silver Week 2: September 9 - September 15

Silver Week 3: September 16 - September 22

Silver Week 4: September 23 - September 29

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Quite often the most popular season at Saltery Lake Lodge, September is a perfect time to target big, tasty Silvers who readily attack all sorts of flies and spinners.

As summer comes to an end, Coho Salmon make their way into Saltery Creek, Rough Creek, and the smaller Hearst Creek. These three environments promise varied conditions and excellent fishing throughout the entire month.

September also happens to be when Dolly Varden start changing color and narrow in on egg patterns. It's not uncommon to catch over fifty fish up to 20 inches in a single afternoon of fishing. Rainbow trout start making their way out of the undercover to feast on eggs and flesh, and early Fall is the ideal time to catch the Leopard Rainbow Trout of a lifetime.

Silver Season is the best time to have monster fish aggressively attack your fly and fill your freezer.

For more information on each of the aforementioned species and how to best target them, click on their highlighted links!