Originally built in 1963 as a bear hunting camp, Saltery Lake Lodge has been a Kodiak Island institution for over fifty years. Through a strange series of business transactions, Dave's grandfather unknowingly acquired the property in the early 70s. When he discovered the lodge and how beautiful it was, Dave's grandfather made sure to keep Saltery Lake Lodge as a R&R destination for his employees at Alaska International Air.

As Dave's grandfather aged, he leased the property to several outfitters who turned Satlery Lake Lodge into the premier Kodiak Island fishing destination that it is today. Current lodge owner Dave Magoffin began managing the property in 2012. For the past 6 years, Dave, Alana and Team Saltery have continued to expand and improve upon the lodge and business built by those who came before. 

Saltery now offers its guests 24/7 electricity, powered in part by the ten solar panels secured to the main lodge. We provide the highest level of customer service in the form of Chef Alana's 5-star dining, personalized guiding from our team of fishing experts, and an overall familial-atmosphere throughout the entire week. Whether you're looking to fill your freezer, watch a mother bear feed her cubs, or experience one of the last great migrations left in the world, we can't wait to have you at Saltery Lake Lodge.

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Saltery Lake Lodge is located in the remote wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Our property provides waterfront views of Saltery Lake, while being only a stones throw from four rivers that team with salmon. The ocean is just a hop, skip, and a jump to the south.  Once at the lodge, we access all of our unique fisheries from the comfort of four-wheel drive vehicles (and yes, we do replace the shocks each year to guarantee a luxurious ride!). Getting to the lodge is an easy 20 minute flight from the City of Kodiak in Saltery’s floatplane, operated by third-generation lodge owner and pilot Dave Magoffin. Transportation to and from the lodge is included as part of your week-long package. No extra charter fees apply!