Other Animals to See

Foxes are an occasional participant in life at Saltery. Much like the Kodiak Bear, the island’s foxes benefit from an abundance of food and the absence of predators, allowing them to grow to huge sizes. They are also inherently curious, and may come close enough to you to reach out and touch (though we recommend you don’t). They range in size from approximately Chihuahua to Terrier, with a broad diversity of fur colors. Foxes will sometimes patronize the camp in the evening – we have even seen foxes chapperone guests from their cabins to the lodge and back. They are a wonderful animal, full of mystery and intelligence.

During your week at Saltery, you stand a good chance of encountering a number of other animals not described above. Sitka Blacktail deer, a non-native species, can be spotted primarily in the early morning and late evening, and may allow you to come very close for photo opportunities. The mountains of Kodiak Island are home to Mountain Goats, and while they are primarily seen from the air on your flight in, individuals can become disoriented and wind up at lower elevations.

Ugak Bay is populated with a large number of Harbor Seals, who chase schools of salmon in dramatic fashion all the way into fresh water. One particularly enterprising seal even made its way all the way up into Saltery Lake during a lean year. It is also rich with non-mammal marine life, and it is common to see a diversity of Starfish, Anemones, and Jellyfish while fishing close to the salt.