Each year as we shut the lodge down at the beginning of October, Team Saltery shed their handtowels, vacuums, and fillet knives and head to the river. And each year we're absolutely amazed at the quality of fishing that Kodiak still has to offer. Big Silvers continue forging their way into the river, fresh and meaty from years in the ocean. The smaller Dolly Varden head to the upper reaches of Lake Creek, effectively stacking Saltery Creek with their monsterous cousins. And most exciting of all, the illusive Saltery Lake Steelhead start arriving in great numbers. These fish have hardly ever seen an artificial lure and are more than willing to take you into your backing. We're excited to announce that for the first time ever, we're going to offer this ultimate fishing experience normally reserved for guides to our clients.

Though Saltery Creek is small, the river does receive a healthy annual return of steelhead. We liked to keep this a secret, but October is just too productive to not offer our clients a chance to hook into multiple fish of a lifetime.

For two weeks in October, six anglers will experience Kodiak Island in a way that most people couldn't dream of. Groups of three clients will be join a guide on trips up Rough Creek Canyon where the biggest Coho Salmon in the area stage before spawning. Other days we'll head down to Hearst Creek and practice our bow and arrow techniques as we present flies to unsuspecting Silvers tucked underneath cutbanks. And finally, each angler will have several cracks at the most productive Steelhead waters on Saltery Creek.

We're also very excited to announce that this week of fishing will feature a fly-out trip to one of the most productive, unnamed Steelhead rivers in the world. At the beginning of each week, we'll determine where the Steelhead fishing will be best and plan accordingly. Our guides have experienced these rivers at their finest and we can only hope that they provide some world-class fishing this year as well!

***To accommodate for the increased travel costs of this fly-out trip, the cost for each Silver & Steel week will be an additional $500 to the sticker price of $4500/week.***

All of the steelhead caught will be landed using fish-friendly rubber nets, photographed in the water, and promptly released following strict Keep 'Em Wet ethics. We understand how precious these fish are and want to guarantee the health of the fishery for generations to come.

For more information on the aforementioned species and how to best target them, click on the highlighted links!